British Rap Profile: LDZ

LDZ also known as LONDONZOO are one of the most diverse, prolific and versatile Hip Hop outfits to emerge from the UK. Today the live show consists of DJ Frosty with Dabbla, Cobes & Rocko on the mic. Producers: Sumgii & Pierre Green Their first release, a dubstep track, was played by the late John Peel on BBC Radio One. Since then Ldz have worked with Chase & Status, Foreign Beggars, Ghosttown, Taskforce, Dubbledge, Kyza, Stig of the dump, Dr Syntax, Sibegg, The IRS, Alabama3 and Congo Natty to name a few. LDZ's first official mixtape 'Living Long Ting' is what gained the group form North/North-west London a reputation for their distinctive, energetic performances. Their first official video ' Lips 2 da floor' ft Dubbledge has had almost 1 million views on YouTube and recieved regular plays on mainstream and underground radio shows from BBC Radio 1 to Rinse fm. An incredibly vast musical background is what gives LDZ the versatility and ability to smash every genre from hip-hop, drum & bass/jungle, breakbeat, house, dubstep, broken beat, Favela funk and everything else in-between. It is this reputation that has seen them hosting events nation wide supporting acts such as Grandmaster Flash, Rahzel, Wu-Tang, Jeru the Damaja, The Beatnuts, Stereo Mc's, Scratch Pervert's, Plastician, Reeps One, Adam F, Blacktwang, Rodney P & Skitz and more. Humongous production, limitless styles, relentless flows and boundless stage presence are the main ingredients for LDZ's explosive live performances. Larger-than-life shows packed with exciting, up-tempo beats and freestyles with the occasional free thong and other such giveaways thrown in are what make this group a must-see attraction. LDZ promote strictly good vibes, they come prepared for any type of crowd and are fun for all the family.

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LDZ on Web links: http://www.ldzmusic.com/

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